O bag Mini body Brick


The XL Extralight® O bag Mini body in Brick  is the downsized version of the iconic O bag classic. It is made from XL Extralight®, an expanded-plastic material that is flexible and waterproof, making it easy to take care and clean. It is lightweight, spacious and versatile, making it your next favorite accessory in any day of the week. You can customize your O bag to reflect your own style and use it however you want it by choosing any body, handle, inner pouch and trim you like best.

Dimensions: 29cm height, 31cm width, 12cm depth

Material: XL Extralight®

Composition: 100% XL Extralight®

Product Care: We recommend that you avoid exposing the XL Extralight® O bag body mini to direct sunlight or high temperatures for a long period of time. Extreme heat can damage, deform or affect the color of the body. Cleaning the XL Extralight® O bag mini body is simple - you may use use the O clean sponge if you have it or use a clean cloth soaked in lukewarm water (30°C) and mild soap. Avoid excessive rubbing of the material's surface.

Note: The image of the XL Extralight® O bag Mini body is a representation of the product and may have slight variations. Colors on your screen may appear slightly different from the actual product.