O moon Body Augergine with ring handles


O moon Body in Aubergine is made of XL EXTRALIGHT® Material, a type of foam rubber, colored, flexible, resistant and light with a particular tactile ‘soft-touch’.

The O moon body includes two central handles incorporated with rings and two lateral smaller holes which make it easy to customize it with interchangeable accessories (shoulder straps, inner bags)

Dimension: 31cm height, 40cm width, 11cm depth

Material: XL Extralight®

Composition: 100% XL Extralight®

Product Care: We recommend that you avoid exposing the XL Extralight® O Moon body to direct sunlight or high temperatures for a long period of time. Extreme heat can damage, deform or affect the color of the body. Cleaning the XL Extralight® O Moon body is simple - you may use the O clean sponge if you have it or use a clean cloth soaked in lukewarm water (30°C) and mild soap. Avoid excessive rubbing of the material's surface.

Note: The image of the XL Extralight® O Moon Body is a representation of the product and may have slight variations. Colors on your screen may appear slightly different from the actual product.