O shoes red


The O shoes XL Extralight® high slides in red are synonymous with comfort. These high-sole platforms are made from XL Extralight®, a plastic material endowed with exceptional qualities which means that these shoes are hard-wearing, water-repellent and extremely wearable. The O shoes slides are easy to clean and look after and will stand you in excellent stead with their laid-back summery design and practical easy-to-wear structure. This piece of footwear has been designed to guarantee stability: it has two straps over the foot and a ridged sole for a better grip on the ground. You will be bowled over by its modern edgy design. Choose your favourite colour and your size and rest assured you can wear it both around town and at the beach. 

Material:    XL Extralight®

Dimensions:  3 cm(Tip height) 4.5 cm (back height)  23 cm(foot length).

Composition: 100% XL Extralight®


Product Care: We recommend that you avoid exposing the XL Extralight® O shoes to direct sunlight or high temperatures for a long period of time. Extreme heat can damage, deform or affect the color of the body. Cleaning the XL Extralight® O shoes is simple - you may use use the O clean sponge if you have it or use a clean cloth soaked in lukewarm water (30°C) and mild soap. Avoid excessive rubbing of the material's surface.

Note: The image of the O shoes is a representation of the product and may have slight variations. Colors on your screen may appear slightly different from the actual product.

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