Social responsibility

Fur free

Starting from its F/W 2016-17 collection, O bag decided to promote fashion that is not only innovative, but also sustainable and ethical, by completely abolishing animal fur from its collections. This truly significant decision has seen fur abandoned in favour of high quality faux fur. In cooperation with LAV (Anti-Vivisection League). the company has subscribed to the Fur Free Retailer Program developed by the Fur Free Alliance, an international coalition of more than 40 organizations working to stop the farming of animals for fur. For more information about the Fur Free Retailer Program visit


Eco pack shoes

In 2019 O bag took another step forward in its journey to become an eco-friendly company by developing “green” packaging for O shoes and O slippers. The new totally Made in Italy bag is in 60% GREEN PE and each ton produced captures up to 3 tons of CO2, so reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Green PE does not use crude oil, but is derived from sugar cane and is 100% recyclable.


FSC paper

O bag shoppers are made using paper certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), which guarantees the use of cellulose from responsibly-managed forests and ensures reforestation.

By using the FSC® mark, O bag continues its commitment to increasingly sustainable solutions.