O bag: the innovative, up to the minute Italian brand that revolutionized the bag industry.


The company was founded in 2009 based on Padua-native entrepreneur Michele Zanella’s idea for a watch that could be “combinable”, and in 2010 it presented O clock, a watch with interchangeable silicone straps and dials, at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. Colorful, fun and affordable, in a very short time the watch became a worldwide hit. The success of O clock encouraged the creative Italian businessman to think of other accessories with the same combinable DNA as the watch.

As a result, in 2012, the company launched O bagthe bag in XL Extralight® material, as combinable and customizable as the O clock. The bodies, handles, shoulder straps and inner bags can be combined, as well as trims in variety of materials, from wool to faux fur to decorate and make the bag even more unique and appealing. O bag immediately became a CULT, selling over 6 million and shooting the company’s turnover to 25 million euro in just one year. Customization became the company’s trademark, and shortly it began to develop a whole range of bags, watches and much more. 

Each O bag product is distinguished by the letter “O”, which stands for the three elements underlying the brand’s philosophy: ONE, ORIGINAL, OWN. 

Being 100% customizable to suit individual tastes, all products are unique and original. This philosophy means the O bag customer becomes part of creative process for the Italian brand’s products. By creating their personal composition, the customer further reinforces the uniqueness and originality that is the brand’s hallmark.


2AM Global Ventures Inc. is a duly licensed corporation established 2017 and is the franchise holder to distribute the O bag brand in the Philippines . 2AM Global Ventures Inc. aims to excite the market by introducing products and brands that will tickle their senses and appeal to their imagination. The company’s thrust is to introduce exciting and innovative brands that caters to the market that has different tastes and preferences when it comes to style.